About 806 Photography

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank

A big welcome to life through my lens!

My name is Damilare Olagunju, the creative director of 806 Photography.

Photography started for me back in 2014 whilst I was in university. It started as a hobby, but over the past few years, my passion to create beautiful images have grown to a new level. I love capturing beautiful moments and I love sharing them.

I have developed myself over the years by training and working alongside with established photographers, engaging in workshops, and completing tutorials via Google and YouTube (These have always been my best friend lol).

A specific niche of photography I have always had a passion for is ‘Wedding Photography’. The raw emotions, couples’ moments, tension always puts me right at the heart of my job. I find pleasure in challenging myself with each job to create unique images and capture moments in its natural course with a touch of creativity and authenticity. Each job has its own unique memory and I push myself and my team to capture the right emotions, whilst maintaining outstanding professionalism.

806 photography is the right choice for your wedding and events. Rest assured of maximum satisfaction and receiving best value for your money whilst taking out our services.

Fun fact: 

– The brand name 806 was formed from my birth date. 8-06